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[Picture]“The local schools have a comprehensive drug education program, but back-up needs to come from the community,” said Church Community Affairs Director Mary Story. “Prevention measures must start at an early age and teach kids that a drug-free life is far more fun and healthy.”

The Drug-Free Marshals program is a national, non-religious anti-drug campaign. Geared toward young teens and pre-teens, the program helps them to make the decision to remain drug-free and to help others make the same decision.

“What happens in schools like in [Littleton] Colorado is upsetting to everyone. I feel I need to do something,” said Rebecca Owens, a 12-year old Drug-Free Marshal in Clearwater. “That’s why I like being a Drug-Free Marshal and doing what I do. It actually helps people.”

Recently a Drug-Free Marshals contest was held in Clearwater in which participants wrote essays and drew pictures to communicate how they would help create a drug-free community.

At the awards ceremony, the winners and 70 of their classmates were sworn in as Drug-Free Marshals by Officer Art Brown, the Public Education Director of the Clearwater Fire Department. They took a simple 7-point pledge:

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