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Clearwater Drug-Free Marshals: Keeping Youth Off Drugs

Clearwater Kids
Kids in Clearwater taking a stand against Drug Abuse

When the Marshals stepped through the door of Cici’s Pizza in Clearwater, it was clear they had not come to buy lunch. They wanted to see the owner. It was important. Could they speak to her right away?

When the owner came out, he found himself facing three young members of the Clearwater Church of Scientology’s Drug-Free Marshals—a youth anti-drug initiative which is making its presence felt throughout Pinellas County. Their purpose was to have him sign the Drug-Free Marshals pledge to live a drug free life and to encourage others to do so as well.

Drug Free Marshal Mascot

The owner not only signed the promise, but asked his employees to do the same. “We have to do something to encourage children to stay away from drugs,” he said emphatically.

Curbing the drug crisis among Clearwater youth requires that parents and educators support prevention programs in addition to intervention measures for those kids already abusing substances.

The Drug-Free Marshals program offers a solution to the problem.

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Clearwater Drug-Free Marshals continued

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